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Founded in 2009, Retellable (formerly Wakingstar Storyworks) was started by two storytellers, Jay Golden and Joel ben Izzy, over lunch at Saul’s Deli in Berkeley, California. Both had been long at work supporting leaders innovating how our world works, including how we eat, how we travel, and how we communicate.

While they were enamored by the rapidly developing media forms, they both knew that there was something very clear and very ancient at the center of all of it: the retellable story.

And so they set out to build a company that would help leaders around the world find and tell theirs. Since then, Retellable has served companies and leaders all around the world.



Tina Sciabica, Executive Director, Read Global

“Jay helped me connect the dots between my life experiences in a way I had never been able to envision on my own. As a result, I now have a more powerful voice personally and professionally and am empowered to create more change in the world.”

Jay Golden, Chief Storyteller, Story Coach


Jay Golden is an author, story coach, and founder of Retellable. For 10 years, Jay has coached leaders, led trainings, and crafted stories for clients such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Rainforest Action Network.

When he’s not working, Jay can be found walking the hills, swimming the bay, or sharing stories with his wife and two kids.

His new book, Retellable, explores how stories work and how leaders can use theirs to deliver lasting insights and catalyze change.



Ahmed Rahim, CEO and Co-Founder, Numi Tea

“I came to Jay with a lot of ideas, and threw a bunch of spaghetti against the wall. He took what I had and made a beautiful circle of stories.”


Tricia McEntee, CEO, Esalen Institute

“Before I worked with Jay, I'd give a presentation and people would always be cordial. But after I began using my stories, I couldn't believe the engagement and connection. People were coming up and hugging me, asking questions, wanting to really understand my journey - and Esalen's journey as well. Now I see stories everywhere...and I am learning how to use them.”


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