How to Build Culture Through Storytelling

One brisk fall day 20 years ago, I shuffled into the great marble halls of the Accademia in Florence to see Michelangelo’s David. I had seen the postcards and posters and projections so many times, and from so many angles, I felt as if in some way I had already been there. As I approached…


The Three E’s of Retellable Leadership Stories

There are three kinds of people, said the sign on the wall of my dad’s coaching office: Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that don’t know what the heck happened. I understood, even at age 7, that it was best to be the first kind of person, the kind…


7 Techniques for a Memorable, Shareable, Retellable Story

I turned the dial again and again. “Where’s that information in my brain?!” I asked myself, standing at my locker at the Dolphin Club. Brisk San Francisco Bay swim behind me, I began to shiver and realized I had forgotten my lock combination. The same lock I had been using for years. “27-20…what?” I groaned…


Natalie Foster, Founder of Peers.org: A Small Town Gains Some Ground

Natalie shares a story of her family’s store in Oklahoma that she’d visit as a child…and how it connects to the sharing movement today. Told at Journeys: Stories of the Things that Connect Us, November 6th, 2013.


One Baby’s Cry Moved An Industry: Pamela Marcus, Founder, Lifefactory Bottles

From a walk on a bridge, a drive on a rainy road, or a moment with a primi. We never know where our insights may come from. But we know that Pamela’s heart and her commitment to making a shift has created a visible impact…just look for her famous bottles at at any yoga class…


Joel ben Izzy, Storyteller and Author – Turning a Curse into a Blessing

Wakingstar co-founder Joel ben Izzy tells the story of a great loss in his life – and what was found as a result. Told at Journeys: Stories of Aha! Moments at the David Brower Center June 20, 2013.


From Mega-Retail to Mega-Sharing: Andy Ruben, Co-Founder of Yerdle

Andy Ruben, as Chief Sustainability Officer at Walmart, believed that he could catalyze global sustainability by transforming supply chains at a massive scale. But one day, on a factory tour, he realized that working at scale would not get us there – so he changed his direction, and his career, to build www.yerdle.com. Told at…


The "Aha!" that Led Me from VC to Social Impact: Maya Chorengel, Managing Director, Elevar Equity

As a young child growing up in South East Asia, Maya saw the abject poverty all around her. The questions that followed stayed with her for many years, even as she reached the top of her industry. And then one day she heard a story that gave her the answer she was looking for. Told…


It's a Family Matter: The Origin Story of Numi Tea

This story of Numi Tea zooms in on a powerful moment in the life of a brother and sister, revealing critical insights that drew from their past, and led the way to transforming an industry. Told as a ‘Sponsor Story’ at Journeys: Stories of Aha! Moments, David Brower Center June 20, 2013.


"I Can't Believe I'm Going to Die in this River in Kyrgyzstan" – Jason Rainey, International Rivers

This origin story is a real journey. Jason Rainey, Executive Director of International Rivers, tells the story of an aha! moment that came to him after an outback river adventure, far far from home. Told at Journeys: Stories of Aha! Moments event, David Brower Center June 20, 2013