How We Work


Assess Your Talents

We’ll explore your goals, audiences, and storytelling strengths and needs, in order to get a sense of where you come from, and where you wish to go.


Develop Your Skills

We’ll deepen your understanding about what a story is and how it works, and how to use the Journey Curve framework to guide your stories. We’ll work to find the stories you have already, and to tap the many stories waiting in the wings that match to your established and emerging goals.


Shape Your Stories

We'll look at origin stories, impact stories, and vision stories, as we prepare to develop from each. As you gain knowledge and motivation, you'll begin to shape and share the key stories that support your leadership, strengthen your public speaking, and guide your presentations.



Hans Dockter, CEO, Gradle Inc. Lead at Gradle Open Source Project

"By diving deeply into our origins and our vision, and drawing out a memorable story, Jay helped us to speak concisely to our "why," and helped our team to see their part in our greater journey. Above that, his work set the stage for a fun and cohesive brand. A brand that connects us with our customers' real challenges - and casts them as the pioneers that they truly are."


Rachelle Diamond, Global Employee Experience Program Manager, LinkedIn

“The idea of a developing a global story with so many moving parts at first seemed impossible, but your approach really worked. First, it brought our team together on a common goal - and then provided such a great group learning experience, with a memorable output that will be shared far and wide. Thank you for everything you did! It was a pleasure working with you.”


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