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Changing a Nation – One Home at a Time

There are many ways to get your story out to the world, but for video I’ve always loved the RSA Animate style – filming a hand drawing to a voice-over can so clearly and simply show great ideas come to life. Working from Enterprise’s core story, we recently designed this hand-drawn video to reveal the…


Tell an Elevator Story, Not an Elevator Pitch

You begin by stepping away from the elevator. Because the term elevator pitch, originally the name for the act of quick-selling an executive before reaching the top floor, is outdated. Don’t get me wrong, it has a purpose as a sales tool. My grandpa Bernie, the quintessential nice guy, had to have a good pitch…


A Live Story Experiment

“Journeys – Stories of Aha! Moments” A Wakingstar Production, in collaboration with The David Brower Center and The HUB Thursday, June 20 7:00 pm / box office opens at 6:30 pm Goldman Theater, The Brower Center 2150 Allston Way in Berkeley Tickets here About the Show Each of us who works to change the world…


How to Remember Your Stories

How often do you lose small things, like your phone? Your keys? You wander to and fro, looking places you’ve already looked (under the seat) and random places (in the refrigerator), and when you try to pull up the memory in your brain of exactly what you did, you come up blank. Or how about…


How to Build Your Origin Story

Of the three kinds of stories that organizations tell – Origin, Impact and Vision – a well-crafted origin story is the most often retold.  Why? It usually has suspense and intrigue, and it follows the journey of one person (or two) solving a big problem. But when considering your own origin story, it’s easy to…

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