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services-icon1 Coaching

Your Stories are Your Most Important Assets

If you need to create connection, move your audience, or provide clarity to a complicated topic, you need a collection of essential stories at the ready. Depending on the day, our work together may come in the form of a pitch, a keynote, or a key story that will help navigate your team through some rough waters.

Finding and shaping your stories takes time. We work with our leaders over the course of six months to a year to transform their leadership and communications. We also do work by the session to give you that boost you need.



Linda Rosen M.D., CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corp

“Jay helped me see my memories as seminal events in a wonderful journey. Their meaning was revealed once the full story arc developed under his guidance.”


Ken Dychtwald, CEO of Agewave, Keynote Speaker, Author of 16 Books

“Even though I have been working to hone my public speaking craft for decades, Jay's wise insights and masterful guidance have given me an entirely new perspective on how to understand and feel my stories far more deeply, and how to tell them far more effectively.”

services-icon2 Training

Storytelling Workshops

Our workshops are highly interactive and focused on building capacity, transforming communications, and strengthening alliances. At the end of the workshop, each participant will walk away with a new understanding of how to find, shape and share powerful, retellable stories.

Blended Learning

Using video, audio, practice exercises and partner work facilitated via our online learning platform, we combine digital learning with in-person trainings, catered to your strategic needs.

Retreats and Team-Building

If you’re looking to deepen your team’s connection to your values and to one another in a fun learning environment, you may want to hear more about our Journeys Storytelling Experiences, which combine curated stories with pre-event story coaching and facilitated story-sharing that delivers your company story in a way you’ve never experienced.



Charles Rosson, CEO, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.

“Jay guided our team with great stories from our past 100 years so we could see our readiness for the next 100. Home run!”

services-icon3 Crafting

Your core story is being told, but it is broken into too many pieces. Too often, your founder tells one part of it, your director tells another, your teammates write another – and yet they all seem disconnected. Our work brings all of these stories together, connecting the many parts of what you do – and why you do it – in a clear, retellable fashion.



Adam Ward, Director of University Recruiting, Facebook (Now at Pinterest)

“I loved it! Your storytelling workshops changed the way we think about and approach our stories. Equally surprising was the amount of connectedness we built as a team.”


Terri Ludwig, CEO and President, Enterprise Community Partners

"We think you guys are brilliant! We loved working with you on our core story...and you helped me personally understand how to use stories and see them everywhere in my life."


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