The Art of the Turnaround Story (Video)

A Turnaround Story is, a story about facing great challenges, and finding insights and power at the depth of difficulty. Through these insights, they were able to rise out of the challenge, to the other side, with new strength and a abilities to face the world.

Key pieces of a Turnaround Story:

1. Things were okay before.
2. Something happened and they got really bad.
3. Then something else happened (an insight, arrival of a mentor) and things began to change.
4. Somehow, you gather the strength to rise up and out of the difficulties.
5. You’re stronger, wiser, and here to tell the inspiring tale.

Some of the stories: “The Bike Ride that Changed Everything,” “Walking out of Hungary, “How Art Saved My Life,” and “A Journey Through Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and My Deal with the Universe.”

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