A Story Co-Lab

A Virtual Storytelling Transformation

A legend isn't about everyone telling your story; that happens later. A legend is about knowing how to read the map, and knowing how to proceed in transformative times. And as a paradigm-shifting leader, it's never been more important to bring your greatest wisdom to guide your audiences.

That's why we're bringing together an intimate collection of visionary leaders who are also braving trails and shaping their role as storytellers: to develop their most valuable stories to meet this time.

Through the Legend process, you will work alongside other social purpose leaders as you map your most essential lessons and shape your most critical messages. You will translate the gems of your life and leadership into memorable, retellable stories and apply them out in the channels you most often share, including social video, blogs, speeches, podcasts, written posts, and meetings.

You'll receive support in developing these stories and messages from other seasoned leaders – and supportive feedback once you share them with the world.

These stories won't just change the world, they'll change you.

You'll benefit from:

  • Personal Wisdom Gathering, Shaping and Application
  • Expert Content Creation Guidance
  • A Mastermind Counsel of Changemakers
  • Having Fun While Refining Your Leadership

Join a small collection of visionary leaders in a contained yet powerful experimentation lab and storytelling masterclass.

In this intimate, highly interactive three-month Zoom journey, you will:

  • Refine Goals that will clarify your next level journey in communications, strategy, and storytelling
  • Create a Legend that will provide content options for months and years to come
  • Develop a Story Collection which reveals a collection of purposeful, retellable stories that reveal your wisdom of your leadership for: 
    • Social Media
    • Company or Product Pitch
    • Next iteration
    • Strategic vision
    • Podcasts
    • TED Talk or Keynote
    • Book Creation 
  • Collaborate with other social change entrepreneurs to shape the stories of your leadership
  • Tell and Retell them in class and out in the world
  • Receive Social Support and reflection from other expert communicators and leaders on how you are telling your stories
  • Become a Story Listener as you learn to help shape the stories of those around you


Month 1: Identify Your Legend

  • Check in and Goal Orientation (60 min)
  • Deep story dive (180 min)
  • Monthly private coaching session (60 minutes)
  • Develop your Legend - the landscape of your life's wisdom
  • Ongoing media review from the group

Month 2: Shape Your Story Collection

  • Check in and Goal Calibration (60 min)
  • Deep story dive (180 min)
  • Monthly private coaching session (60 minutes)
  • Deepen your story shaping and message refinement
  • Ongoing media review from the group

Month 3: Bring Your Greatest Gems To The World

  • Check in and Goal Calibration (60 min)
  • Deep story dive (180 min)
  • Monthly private coaching session (60 minutes)
  • Refine your story constellation and application
  • Ongoing media review from the group

TImeline: TBD

Goal Setting: 5pm PT every first Wednesday

Story Sessions: 4 PM - 7 PM PT every third Wednesday, plus individual sessions as scheduled.

Price: $3000. Partial scholarships are available.

Contact: Email here to confirm your participation or for more information.

LEGEND is led by Author, Storytelling Coach and Keynote Speaker Jay Golden

“For a story to change the world,” author and storytelling coach Jay Golden says, “It has to change you first.”

After a dozen years working at the cutting edge of digital storytelling, Jay realized there was a massively under-served audience, one that was ripe for transformation in the realm of storytelling. In 2009, he refocused his attention on supporting globally transformative leaders through the stories they tell, one-to-one and one-to-many.

Today, as the co-founder of the storytelling company Retellable, Jay coaches founders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs interested in building a regenerative world. With an approach that is both personally transformative and also organizationally applicable, Jay dives deep into the living landscape of his clients, helping them to gather and shape their insights and wisdom to apply for daily communications, and to inform strategic narratives that bring to life the visions of their organizations.

Whether their application is a social video, keynote, strategic vision, book, podcast or bedtime story, Jay believes that every leader should first become a great story listener, and should have a core collection of ready-to-share stories that illuminate their values and passions. As a speaker and trainer himself, Jay has traveled the world, from Amsterdam to Marrakesh to Sydney, inspiring and guiding audiences by reflecting the power of their own lived experience.

His book, Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, is a guide to crafting a lifetime of transformative insights, relatable stories in life and leadership. While not seeking stories, Jay can be found seeking the snowy mountains of Ashland, Oregon with his labrador named Levi.