1:1 Coaching Sessions

The One Hour Shaping Journey

Maybe you are revamping your career, or starting a business. Maybe you are working on a speech, or your bio. Or maybe you're trying to crack your opening story to your work, or working to integrate many threads into a strong presentation.

Again and again, clients have found that one hour's counsel can make a difference.

First you share your story (up to 30 minutes), then we talk technique and content, talking about your intent and your strengths, and I offer some suggestions, talk about the Journey Curve, and make suggestions on reshaping.

It might be something that is missing, or something that is too prominent.

I've helped people in fifteen minutes and helped people over four years. But in one hour, you can gain a reflection that changes the course of your story forever. Just listen to these folks.


Your Investment

1:1 Story Shaping Coaching Session with Jay Golden

60-minutes: $300

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Ken Dychtwald, Keynote Speaker, Author of 16 books, Founder of Agewave

“Even though I have been working to hone my public speaking craft for decades, Jay's wise insights and masterful guidance have given me an entirely new perspective on how to understand and feel my stories far more deeply, and how to tell them far more effectively.”

Jessica Rolph

Jessica Rolph, Co-Founder and CEO, Lovevery

“Our work together helped me organize my insights and stories for speaking and also for launching my new company. In fact, I've been using one of the stories that you helped me with in many successful pitches. We got a huge amount of mileage out of that story!" 


Hans Dockter, Founder, CEO, Gradle Inc., Speaker

"By diving deeply into our origins and our vision, and drawing out a memorable story, Jay helped us to speak concisely to our "why," and helped our team to see their part in our greater journey. Above that, his work set the stage for a fun and cohesive brand. A brand that connects us with our customers' real challenges - and casts them as the pioneers that they truly are."


Charles Antis, Founder/CEO Antis Roofing

"Learning about how stories work, and putting them into practice, has changed my life and my company's journey. I used to stand up on stage and just let if fly. Now I prepare for the presentation differently, draw from my stories, plan out how I connect with the audience along the way, and draw them deeper in as I land my key points. I'm more relaxed and more effective as a result."

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