Story Coaching - How We Work With You


We Work to Understand Your Genius

You wouldn't be looking for storytelling coaching unless you already had superpowers. So, working one-on-one, we work to get a handle on where your powers lie,  where they support you, and how they may even get in the way of connecting with your audiences.

The first sessions involve a learning how you got here...what stories you tell, and what changes you're working to bring to life. We explore your goals and your audiences, as well as your existing stories.


We Gather Low Hanging Fruit

Maybe you have a talk in a week and need something right away. Maybe you see your unrealized stories and want to get a handle on those first. Based on your goals, we’ll work to deepen your understanding of stories and how they work. We'll offer frameworks and techniques to gain improvement in the near term, including how to use our storytelling framework, the Journey Curve, to guide your stories. We’ll then continue to find the stories you have already, map them to support your various emerging needs, and tap the many stories waiting in the wings that match to your emerging goals.


We Iterate

Refining your storytelling skills is a journey. It means getting vulnerable with stories that are not yet complete, and being clear and firm with what you *really* mean to say. But with a couple of wins under our belt - a good talk, pitch or presentation, for example - we'll know more about what you need and how to deliver it. We'll go deeper into your stories, start seeing new ones, and step deeper into the Journey Curve to discover new surprises and opportunities that help you to align more deeply with your words, and with your work in the world.



Ken Dychtwald, Keynote Speaker, Author of 16 books, Founder of Agewave

“Even though I have been working to hone my public speaking craft for decades, Jay's wise insights and masterful guidance have given me an entirely new perspective on how to understand and feel my stories far more deeply, and how to tell them far more effectively.”


Hans Dockter, Founder, CEO, Gradle Inc., Speaker

"By diving deeply into our origins and our vision, and drawing out a memorable story, Jay helped us to speak concisely to our "why," and helped our team to see their part in our greater journey. Above that, his work set the stage for a fun and cohesive brand. A brand that connects us with our customers' real challenges - and casts them as the pioneers that they truly are."


Rachelle Diamond, Global Employee Experience Program Manager, LinkedIn

“The idea of a developing a global story with so many moving parts at first seemed impossible, but your approach really worked. First, it brought our team together on a common goal - and then provided such a great group learning experience, with a memorable output that will be shared far and wide. Thank you for everything you did! It was a pleasure working with you.”


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