Storytelling Coaching

These days, all the world is a stage. And as a visionary, the challenge is to remain fresh and inspiring, even on those days where it seems like you're repeating yourself. Storytelling coaching helps you speak from the essence of who you are, linking it to what you do in the world, and to what your audiences most dearly need.

Working one-on-one with Jay Golden you will explore the landscape of your life, shaping them into retellable stories, iterating and applying them through the various channels through which you communicate.

Here are some visionaries that have been on the journey.

"We got a huge amount of mileage out of this work! Jay helped me organize my insights and stories not just for speaking, but also for launching my new company, and for many successful pitches."

Jessica Rolph, Co-Founder of Happy Baby and Lovevery

The process draws on a dozen years of transformative storytelling coaching for world-changing leaders.

"I came to Jay to change my stories.
What I didn't realize was that my stories would change me."

Ken Dychtwald, CEO and Co-Founder of Agewave
Author of 18 Books


Retellable Story Coaching helps you connect the dots on your ideas and bring them to life through a purposeful constellation of retellable stories, insights and lessons that will lead your audience into a new way of being.

You will have a trusted, time-tested guide on this deep journey into your next great work.

"I’m in a whole different place and I’m forever changed. And people call me a storyteller now!"

Charles Antis, Speaker, CEO and Founder of Antis Roofing
Board Member of Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, and United Way


Through the process you will:

  • Draw out your natural voice
  • Gather your most potent stories
  • Receive reflections that illuminate key insight and direction
  • Shape your thought leadership into retellable bytes
  • Apply them in the many directions you speak, post and share
  • Speak directly to your most potent audience
  • Build on the philosophies of other thought leaders you respect
  • Map out the hurdles you see in your present leadership and society
  • Refine your work to best guide your audience into the future

"Working with Jay gave me greater purpose and greater focus.
It wasn't just the ideas; it was the way in which he was able to present how those ideas came together that connected to people's feelings - and their heart - in a way that helped them look forward."

Matthew Upchurch, CEO and Founder,


Our Approach

This work is about bringing what you most deeply care most about into the public realm, and doing it in a way that matches to your strategic needs and helps influence your audience's journey. Here's an overview:


We Understand Your Landscape

The journey is about becoming an expert in who you are, what you care about, and how you see the world. We first get a handle on your goals, your successes, and your challenges, and design an approach to best support you. Although we might have a near-term deliverable, the first few sessions involve studying your landscape: where you come from, what stories you tell, how you present, what visions you have been bringing to life - and which ones you haven't been ready to speak to.

Progress happens quickly. From an understanding of your landscape, we begin developing your first stories and communications.


We Gather Low-Hanging Fruit

Based on your goals, we’ll work with existing 'go-to' stories or 'reserve' stories that haven't yet been ready for prime time. Along the way, we'll work to provide a new understanding of stories. We'll offer techniques to gain improvement in the near term, and use our trademark storytelling framework, the Journey Curve, to help shape your stories and inform us of what is missing. We'll help orient these early stories to best land your key messages, and create a working story collection.


Iterate and Refine

With a couple of wins under our belt - a good talk, pitch or presentation, for example - we'll know more about what you need and how to deliver it. We'll go deeper into your stories, start seeing new ones, and step deeper into the Journey Curve so it can become yours. You'll show up on calls with new retellable stories emerging, and carrying new insights. You'll find you have a trusted ally on your journey, as we continue to discover new surprises and opportunities that help you to speak more clearly and with deeper meaning.

And that's just the beginning.



Hans Dockter, Founder, CEO, Gradle Inc., Speaker

"By diving deeply into our origins and our vision, and drawing out a memorable story, Jay helped us to speak concisely to our "why," and helped our team to see their part in our greater journey. Above that, his work set the stage for a fun and cohesive brand. A brand that connects us with our customers' real challenges - and casts them as the pioneers that they truly are."


Joelle Edwards-Tonks, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Chez Sun Resorts

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have been coached by you Jay! You are an inspiration and a great professional."


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