We work every day to help leaders and organizations understand more deeply how stories work, and provide insights and unforgettable frameworks to help you find and shape the essential stories that give life to your experiences, lessons and messages.

We provide founders, CEOs, paradigm-shifting leaders, and keynote speakers personal coaching to help them transcend speaking and communications hurdles by telling great stories. This means you first have to find them, shape them, and refine the ways you share them. We become an ally on your journey. The process is a deep dive into who you are, where you come from, and how to further your vision, and is designed both to guide your audiences and to energize your leadership journey. And it's fun.

Our workshops offer participants a new understanding of how to find, shape and share a collection of powerful, retellable stories for use in meetings, pitches, and presentations. In addition, the sessions create connection and shared stories among participants as they work side by side with peers and collaborators.

Retellable Author Jay Golden has given high-impact, interactive speeches around the world with the goal of transforming his audience's understanding on how stories work and how a well-honed collection of stories can transform their life and their profession. He leaves behind an unforgettable framework that will help you more deeply connect and guide audiences in the days ahead.

You may have a story that feels old and over-told, or too many stories to get a hold of, or a story that is yet emerging. Either way, we can help you study your landscape, align your stakeholders, and shape a journey on to which your team and customers hop aboard.



Adam Ward, Former Director of University Recruiting, Facebook

“I loved it! Your storytelling workshops changed the way we think about and approach our stories. Equally surprising was the amount of connectedness we built as a team.”


Terri Ludwig, CEO and President, Enterprise Community Partners

"We think you guys are brilliant! We loved working with you on our core story...and you helped me personally understand how to use stories and see them everywhere in my life."


Linda Rosen M.D., CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corp

“Jay helped me see my memories as seminal events in a wonderful journey. Their meaning was revealed once the full story arc developed under his guidance.”

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