The Story

The Origins of Retellable

I was thirteen years into a journey of chasing the edge of digital evolution. The beginning of online learning, the beginning of online music videos, the beginning of sustainability media, and the early days of viral videos. And now the beginning of storytelling on apps. But I couldn't turn away from this nagging feeling that I was missing something.

Then one foggy morning in the springtime of 2009, I was standing in my kitchen, holding my newborn daughter in my hands; it was as if time had stopped. I remembered something I had long left behind.

I realized that what was missing amidst all of this media innovation was the true magic of story. I remembered my passion for gathering stories among travelers in my 20's as I made my way from Cusco to Melbourne to Marrakesh. These stories, told person to person, one to one and one to many, were essential as guides on our adventures. And it occurred to me, that these kinds of guides were never more needed.

In a world of information overwhelm, the emphasis on retellable stories taps the essence of human connection, and made a path for visionary leaders to truly connect with their most important audiences. With this insight, holding my newborn daughter, I decided to do something radical. I decided to go analog.

I returned to my roots in performance and the depths of human story, and to teach it to leaders with whom  I had worked. I set out to help agents of change around the world find and help them to reveal their own journeys and illuminate their strategies through story, transforming audiences large and small.

That journey led around the country and around the world. It led to a book, and to dozens of world-changing visionaries adopting the Retellable Approach themselves.

In fact, it's likely that somewhere in the world, one of those stories is being told right now.


About Jay Golden

Storyteling Coach, Storyteller, Keynote Speaker

“For a story to change the world,” author and storytelling coach Jay Golden says, “It has to change you first.”

That’s why, after a dozen years working at the cutting edge of digital storytelling, Jay shifted his attention to unlocking the purpose of globally transformative leaders through the stories they tell, one-to-one and one-to-many.

Today, as the founder of the storytelling company Retellable, Jay coaches and trains founders, innovators, and social entrepreneurs at companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Rainforest Action Network. With an approach that is both personally transformative and also universally applicable, his book, Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, is a guide to storytelling using his original framework - The Journey Curve.



Tina Sciabica, Executive Director, Read Global

“Retellable helped me connect the dots between my life experiences in a way I had never been able to envision on my own. As a result, I now have a more powerful voice personally and professionally and am empowered to create more change in the world.”