Your audience is filled with meaning-making beings navigating a sea of data. How can you be more memorable, more effective, and more transformative as a leader in this time? How can your authenticity and purpose truly guide your audience to action?

The answer, according to keynote speaker, story coach and author Jay Golden is the Retellable Effect.

The Retellable Effect means:

  1. Taking an everyday story and making it transformative.
  2. Understanding the nature of change and how to use brain science to catalyze action.
  3. Gathering your life's wisdom and bringing it to your most important strategic necessities.
  4. Changing the future.

In his memorable, inspiring and highly interactive keynotes, Jay reveals how shaping your essential insights into retellable stories can make your leadership more effective and your work more purposeful.

The Retellable Effect: The Why, What and How of Memorable Storytelling
For innovators, executives, salespeople, marketers and recruiters looking to be more memorable

  • Define Story: What are stories? Where do they have impact? Jay shares definitions in order to draw a circle around retellability.
  • Anchor In Brain Science: An exploration into why stories matter, revealing how brain science informs memorability and effective communications.
  • Build Capacity: Jay provides his own unforgettable framework that will help the audience to forever see stories differently, and enable them to shape their own.
  • Make It Fun: Jay weaves inspiring stories throughout the presentation, referencing CEOs and Innovators who have built their stories
  • Connect Audience Members: Engage the audience to shape their own stories and share with one another
  • Provide Takeaways: Spark the audience to create a collection of insights, lessons, and metaphors

Change the Dream: Storytelling to Create a New Future
For entrepreneurs and executives looking to create transformation in the world.

  • Define Retellable: The why, what and how of Retellable stories
  • Model Storytelling: Share stories and insights that illuminate the link between personal purpose, vision and story
  • Share Science: Reveal the science behind memorable and effective storytelling
  • Explore the Senses: Enhance memorability through a multi-sensory experience in your stories
  • Focus on Moments: Time-travel between key past moments, present moments and future moments
  • Illuminate Transformation: Explore the role of story in culture change, within organizations and in the world
  • Share Methodology: Deliver the Journey Curve framework to map transformational stories and how to use them.
  • Build Engagement: Interactive from moment one, work with the audience to build on shared moments of transformation


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