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Storytelling Keynote Speaker

effective retellable stories

In this info-filled world, how do you rise above the noise? Storytelling keynote speaker, story coach and author Jay Golden has dedicated fifteen years to this question.

In his energetic and highly-interactive keynotes, Jay reveals how your retellable stories can inform and transform your leadership and your audiences.

Title: Six Steps to Effective, Retellable Stories
Audience: M
arketing, sales, and recruiting
Purpose: Strengthen presentations, talks, content development

  • Prepare by understanding how the group uses stories and why
  • Reveal how new brain science that shows us why stories matter
  • Share what stories are and what they are not
  • Retell effective stories delivered in keynotes and presentations
  • Deliver a universal yet flexible framework, the Journey Curve
  • Engage the audience to shape their own stories and share with one another
  • Show how to build a collection of insights, lessons, and metaphors
  • Include Retellable or Retellabook Story Journal as a guide

Title: Your Leadership Is Your Life
Audience: F
or-profit or non-profit leadership, entrepreneurs, executives
Purpose: Help leaders gather content and leadership insights from their lives

  • Share the science behind memorable stories
  • Tell stories of different leaders who have drawn from their lives to inform their communications
  • Engage the audience to share key moments of leadership transformation and build on group experience
  • Deliver the Journey Curve Framework to help audience draw and apply insights to guide audiences
  • Include Retellabook Story Journal to help attendees develop leadership stories going forward

Title: Telling Our Story Journey
Audience: Company-wide, movement-wide, org executives
Purpose: Launch branding, culture building, and team building

  • Prep by understanding goals of event - and helping a small collection of leaders tell their own values stories
  • Reveal why stories matter, and the new brain science that shows us the keys to memorable communication
  • Anchor stories to values and purpose of organization
  • Gather stories from attendees, shared with one another and insights with the group
  • Explore organizational story together, and the many ways it shows up
  • Tell organizational story and help attendees to link their stories into the greater story
  • Use Retellabook story journal to develop stories in session as well in follow-up

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