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How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose

For any leader seeking to be memorable, this is a vital read.
-David Redhill, Global CMO, Deloitte Consulting

The ability to find, shape, and share your most essential stories for presentations, keynotes, and media is essential to effective leadership. Because in addition to your words, your audience will see 100,000 words today, in emails, ads, tweets, and posts. Yet by tomorrow morning, most of it will be forgotten.

Yet the stories - your stories - will survive and guide your audiences near and far.

Retellable is an exploration into the center of why stories matter, how they work, and how you can make them work for you. Written by story coach Jay Golden, who has trained leaders around the world at companies such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, Retellable combines practical insights, actionable steps, anecdotes, and the Retellable approach: the Journey Curve framework that will help you transform your audiences, your organization, and your leadership.

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Shape Your Most Essential Stories, Insights and Life Lessons
With The Retellable Story Journal

Building on the book, The Retellable Story Journal is a guidebook through your own lifetime of stories. Through 42 prompts that span your origins, insights and visions, the Journal utilizes the time-tested versatile Journey Curve to help you explore and shape your life's stories, key lessons and messages to help you become a Retellable storyteller.

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