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This work is about bringing what you most deeply care most about into the public realm, and doing it in a way that matches to your strategic needs and helps influence your audience's journey. Here's an overview:


We Understand Your Landscape

The journey is about becoming an expert in who you are, what you care about, and how you see the world. We first get a handle on your goals, your successes, and your challenges, and design an approach to best support you. Although we might have a near-term deliverable, the first few sessions involve studying your landscape: where you come from, what stories you tell, how you present, what visions you have been bringing to life - and which ones you haven't been ready to speak to.

Progress happens quickly. From an understanding of your landscape, we begin developing your first stories and communications.


We Gather Low-Hanging Fruit

Based on your goals, we’ll work with existing 'go-to' stories or 'reserve' stories that haven't yet been ready for prime time. Along the way, we'll work to provide a new understanding of stories. We'll offer techniques to gain improvement in the near term, and use our trademark storytelling framework, the Journey Curve, to help shape your stories and inform us of what is missing. We'll help orient these early stories to best land your key messages, and create a working story collection.


Iterate and Refine

With a couple of wins under our belt - a good talk, pitch or presentation, for example - we'll know more about what you need and how to deliver it. We'll go deeper into your stories, start seeing new ones, and step deeper into the Journey Curve so it can become yours. You'll show up on calls with new retellable stories emerging, and carrying new insights. You'll find you have a trusted ally on your journey, as we continue to discover new surprises and opportunities that help you to speak more clearly and with deeper meaning.

And that's just the beginning.



Ken Dychtwald, Keynote Speaker, Author of 16 books, Founder of Agewave

“Even though I have been working to hone my public speaking craft for decades, Jay's wise insights and masterful guidance have given me an entirely new perspective on how to understand and feel my stories far more deeply, and how to tell them far more effectively.”

Jessica Rolph

Jessica Rolph, Co-Founder and CEO, Lovevery

“Our work together helped me organize my insights and stories for speaking and also for launching my new company. In fact, I've been using one of the stories that you helped me with in many successful pitches. We got a huge amount of mileage out of that story!" 


Hans Dockter, Founder, CEO, Gradle Inc., Speaker

"By diving deeply into our origins and our vision, and drawing out a memorable story, Jay helped us to speak concisely to our "why," and helped our team to see their part in our greater journey. Above that, his work set the stage for a fun and cohesive brand. A brand that connects us with our customers' real challenges - and casts them as the pioneers that they truly are."


Charles Antis, Founder/CEO Antis Roofing

"Learning about how stories work, and putting them into practice, has changed my life and my company's journey. I used to stand up on stage and just let if fly. Now I prepare for the presentation differently, draw from my stories, plan out how I connect with the audience along the way, and draw them deeper in as I land my key points. I'm more relaxed and more effective as a result."

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