From The Hardest Conversation, A Life’s Story Unearthed

My dad used to tell some great stories when I was a teenager, preparing me for life out in the world. But they weren’t the earnest stories, the “You need to know this” stories. They were the crazy ones, as Kurt Vonnegut says, about falling in a hole and getting out of the hole. Having traveled far from East LA to play baseball at the University of Oregon, my dad found himself without a place to stay, facing deep disappointment, and holding dreams hanging by a thread, as he came upon a unique group of friends with whom every day was an adventure. It’s a story of purpose, of coming of age, of shifting paradigms and new futures. And it’s funny as hell.
Here’s one review: What a treasure! I felt as if I was right there with Burt Golden and his pals in late 50’s Eugene, trying to make their way in the world and realize their dreams. His brushes with NBA royalty, World-Record Olympic greatness, the Wizard of Westwood, the founder of Nike (before Nike was born), and so much more, tell a revealing story of guts and triumph. He beautifully captures what it means for a young man to make his way in the world…and what it means to be a truly great coach. Thank you, Coach…for sharing your incredible story with us! If you’ve ever loved or played sports, you simply must read this book!

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