Stopped In My Tracks: A Visionary Leader’s Healing Journey

Sometimes life hands you just the gift you need.

In his seminal book Start With Why, Simon Sinek dropped some wisdom that has impacted me again and again. As Simon says, Split Happens. That gifts and abilities that you relied on for so long one day no longer seems to work.

So it was for Julie Hudash, an expert runner: as a champion mile-runner in high school and college, as a mom of five kids, and as the visionary founder of a nonprofit that empowers kids from California to New York, she ran and ran to make the magic happen.

Until something changed. When a health issue stopped her in her tracks, she had to orient and find a new way to navigate, and new capacities to integrate.

Told at the “Legend OC: Stories of Possibility and Purpose” interactive storytelling experience on August 3, 2023.

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