The Tiniest Heart, Healed By Everyone Around

When I first heard David’s journey, we were sitting in our leadership co-lab and everyone was speaking of the story that was most alive in them – the one that was calling out to be told.

David’s story about his newborn baby’s health crisis, and how he and his wife made it through, made everyone pause. I will tell you there was not a dry eye in the room. Some knew some parts, others knew other parts. But no one knew the whole story of how his community gathered round, in the middle of the pandemic, to help to save young Levi’s life.

But even that is not the whole thing for me. There was this other thread of the story, of David’s own history. Of the role of his previous profession: that of opera singer, leading audiences through the most sad and sonorous of experiences, in several other languages.

“Oh, that,” said David, when his past life as an opera singer came up.

What do we do with the essential parts of our life left by the side of the road?

Let me just say this: It’s hard to see how the threads of our personal, professional, and creative lives come together to form a greater whole. But then there are days where the integration becomes so very clear. And that’s what it was like when David first took up the challenge and began to sing to us…first on Zoom, and later on stage. What better way to bring this story of wonder, of grief, and of transformation, than through the truly wondrous sound of David’s favorite aria.

Settle in and watch – or just open ears and heart and listen your way through David’s journey of transformation by community.

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