Connect Through Story

For Orange County Women Leaders

Strengthen your authenticity, your presence, and your memorability through this collaborative leadership storytelling masterclass focused on transforming Orange County leadership.

Begins June 20

Join local CEOs and top-level women leaders in becoming a more memorable, effective communicator as you:

  • Communicate from the core of who you are while you clarify your messaging
  • Develop a Transformative Keynote that reveals your most important purpose
  • Shape a compelling content collection - stories and insights to support this talk and others
  • Feel more ease and confidence in your presentation so that you can build connections with your audience
  • Spark emotion as you cultivate memorability
  • Build community by getting real and being helpful

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Who is this for?

The OC Women's Leadership Storytelling Pod is for top leaders and executives who want to activate their audiences through deeper purpose.

It is for non-profit leaders and entrepreneurial visionaries with big ideas to bring to the world.

It is for those looking to gain confidence, presence and growth, and the ability to truly guide, galvanize and empower those around you.

If you are yearning to create a new future through authenticity and purpose, compelling true change through live, virtual or social means, this experience is for you.

Duration: Three months

Class Dates: June - August (In Person + Zoom)
Three-hour sessions: Third Thursdays of each month 3-6pm (June 20 in-person, July 18, August 15)
Office hours: Last Wednesdays of each month 3-4pm (June 26, July 31, August 28)

$1,650 if paid by June 5, $1,750 after. Sliding scale pricing is available.

Time Required:
Three three-hour workshops (One in person, two on Zoom)
Monthly virtual office hour
One 1-on-1 coaching session to work on your presentations
One 1-on-1 story partner meeting per month

Contact: Email here for sign-up details and more information, or call (510) 470-1078.

How The Retellable Process Has Influenced CEOs

Led by Author, Storytelling Coach and Keynote Speaker Jay Golden 

Jay Golden works with visionary leaders who are changing the world every day through their words and their actions.

Whether the goal is a presentation to your most select stakeholders, a story of deeper purpose to meet these changing times, the speech of your life in front of 5,000 people, or a collection of stories to integrate and clarify your diverse journey, Jay works to help his clients share their ideas in a fulfilling, effective, and integrating manner. Over 12 years, Jay has coached hundreds of leaders to come into their most authentic, powerful voice.

These are not all grand stories. They sometimes start small, with an untended insights or stories that carry undiscovered meaning. But they gain power as they come to life; and not just for the listeners.

“For a story to change the world,” Jay says, “It has to change you first.”

As a speaker and trainer, Jay has traveled the world, from Amsterdam to Marrakesh to Sydney, inspiring and guiding audiences by reflecting the power of their own lived experience. His book, Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, is a guide to crafting a collection of  insightful, relatable stories in life and leadership. While not seeking stories, Jay can be found navigating the rivers and mountains of Ashland, Oregon, making memories with his family.