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LinkedIn: A Globally-Distributed Core Story


With nearly 9,000 employees in 30 cities around the world, it’s no easy task for LinkedIn to sustain a vibrant culture. And yet that’s just what they set out to do when they created InDay: one day, every month, a day when employees can act to transform themselves, their teams and their community. Retellable was brought in to increase the visibility and cohesion of the InDay events, as well as building core messaging and a retellable story that would inform the many thousands of ways the story is told around the world.


Retellable defined the landscape through a multi-stakeholder, 360 degree story audit exploring the many narratives and insights that inform InDay, including how the culture is described, how it has changed, and how events are described both internally and externally. We then shaped a versatile, retellable central story for the InDay relaunch (including video script, messages and tagline) that embodied the company values while reflecting the magic of the LinkedIn origin, brand and product.


• New unified themes, core messaging and tagline at the center of a greatly successful global relaunch of the program.
• A retellable story that continues to be reinforced through the thousands of global experiences, email communications, executive leadership speeches, and videos.

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