Storytelling for Recruiters

new-facebook-logo-2015Part of Facebook’s mission is to ‘make the world more open and connected.’ And connection comes from the center. In working with Facebook’s University Recruiting, Retellable supported their ongoing goal of securing the best talent in the world in a competitive race with other Silicon Valley tech firms. Facebook enlisted us specifically to motivate and educate recruiting team members to effectively represent their values and connect with candidates through storytelling.


Over the course of a yearlong engagement, we worked with the University Recruiting team to help identify, shape and disseminate the essential stories that bring Facebook’s unique values to life. We coached leaders one-on-one and as a group, found and developed leadership stories and built storytelling capacity among recruiting team members, helping the team own and share authentic, compelling stories that would deliver critical messages and overcome impediments.


• Team members learned how to better find and shape stories of their own and of the organization as a whole.
• Team members discussed and repeat stories, amplifying stickiness and instilling a greater sense of company’s value and distinction.
• Team members now use these stories in selling candidates and in management.
Leadership and on-boarding integrated storytelling in their jobs and at meetings.

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